German Design Award 2019


Der Premiumpreis des Rat für Formgebung


The premier prize awarded by the German Design Council The German Design Awards are the international premier prize awarded by the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present, and honour unique trends in design. Every year, high-calibre entries in the fields of product and communication design are honoured, each of which blazes new trails in the international design landscape. The German Design Awards, launched in 2012, are among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide and have an excellent reputation far beyond specialist circles.

Together with our customer Schurr Gerätebau GmbH we are happy about the award for the product "PUMA". Link:

solidfluid LAB

Due to the high demand and after long preparation time we have extended our offer by the areas prototyping and design model construction. Together with our partners we can offer holistic product developments. Please do not hesitate to contact us ;)

We are thrilled to be partnering with eliportrobots

Check out this exciting new project from eliportrobots. We are proud to work with them to shape the future together.

We welcome our new colleague


We welcome our new employee Yuzhou Welsen. (left) Yuzhou studied International Management at the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences and will support us in marketing in the future. We are happy about his cooperation.

Focus Open 2017 - Award Ceremony


A few weeks ago, the jury made their decision and honored the Schurr goat brush with a "Focus Special Mention". This is a valuable confirmation of the quality of our joint work in international comparison. We are very glad about this award and invite you to visit the exhibition at MIK (Museum Information Art). There you have until 22.11.2017 the opportunity to see all the winners live.



Ludwigsburg Museum im MIK
Eberhardstraße 1
71634 Ludwigsburg


International Design Award - Focus Open 2017


As part of the exhibition opening "Focus Open 2017", outstanding products are awarded in international comparison. The state-sponsored design award also offers smaller companies the opportunity to stand up to international comparison and receive one of the coveted awards.


The award ceremony with subsequent exhibition will take place on:


13.October 2017 in the SCALA Ludwigsburg,
Stuttgarter Strasse 2
71638 Ludwigsburg


We look forward to the event and your numerous appearance.



SWISSLIFE - Magazine


The publication "Robolution in Zurich" – one of our product design - impressively demonstrates how strategically far-sighted ETH Zurich is. The focus is on Franziska Ullrich, CEO of Ophthorobotics. The full article can be found here  here




"Goat tested" and felt good. On a round trip through the Swabian region the goat's brush was tested on different farms. The experiences made so far show that the animals take the new device as a matter of course.



et voila - we are publishing the new product design for the innovative robot from Opthorobotics AG in Zürich.

solidfluid in the Top Magazine Bodensee


We are looking forward to the publication in the Topmagazin Bodensee

What is important for good design

Brand identityt: Good design begins with the development of features that shape the character of a product and strengthen the brand.


Usability: Intuitive handling and easy operation are a must for every product and avoid operating errors. In industrial plants and especially in medical technology this can be of vital importance.


System design: System design turns individual products into a strong family with an unmistakable face and unique character.


Longevity: Machines and systems are usually several decades on the market. Long-lasting products and time-stable design conserve resources and shape a brand in a sustainable way.




After a successful start and great projects in 2016, we look forward to new premises and exciting times in 2017. The Stromeyersdorf offers the perfect environment for new ideas. We look forward to your visit.



An optimized design underlines the new, innovative technology in the filtering of lubricants.




For the newly founded OPHTHOROBOTICS AG from Zurich, we developed the new look with logo and internet presence. This is followed by a new product design.


Develop new creative solutions in a playful way. What this exactly means was shared by solidfluid during the event Lego Serious Play. As diverse as the different creative methods are, they made us curious and positively surprised.


SOLIDFLUID at the meeting "Challenge in the Use of pPlastics for Surgical Instruments"


Through the use of innovative technologies and manufacturing processes, new opportunities arise in the production and implementation of medical devices. As part of this event, new technologies were presented and their benefits demonstrated.



We are looking forward to our new premises on the venerable Rieter Areal in Konstanz.