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medical technology- designed by solidfluid

With design developments in the medical technology, the human being as operator, the work environment and the work flow play a central role. Development in this area always requires close cooperation with the user. It is important to find the best symbiosis between these areas and to implement them in an innovative design.


A calm and clear design language as well as a user-optimized operating concept can improve the workflow in a troubled environment. The requirements for hygiene and operation regulated by the legislator in DIN EN 62366 also play an important role. Products in medical technology should be easy to clean and, depending on the requirements, sterilizable.


By using the right material and smooth surfaces as possible, the design has a major impact on the added value of a product. In addition to all regulations and requirements that are placed on medical devices, the product language must not take a back seat.

A calm and clear design of the medical devices can reduce the fear of the Patient.



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