solidfluid | freeform surfaces in solidworks

freiformflächen mit solidworks

Parametric modeling of freeform surfaces

Realisation of design sketches and design ideas in 3D CAD

Since 2002, we have implemented design sketches and ideas in 3D CAD - that for some of the most renowned design agencies and companies in Germany. As a specialist for freeform surfaces in 3D CAD software Solidworks, we can support you in the implementation of design ideas or your product. We provide parametric 3D data that will allow you to continue working simply and easily. This saves you internal resources and creates a database for the perfect 3D "workflow" and later development.

We are also happy to assist you with the visualization of products and the animation of functional processes. The good news: everyone involved in the process immediately benefits. The developers, the marketing and the sales. In other words: all who should contribute to the subsequent success. 


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